Jan Marin

Jan Marin is a 27-year-old graduate student, who is currently obtaining a master’s degree in Industrial Design at the School of Design, Department of Architecture in Zagreb. For him, the key aspect of design is its interdisciplinary approach and the possibility of combining various concepts to form something useful for society - an object that would provoke a person to question the world they live in, to question the status quo which is a certain dogma to some people, while a challenge to others. At this year’s Zagreb Design Week, he is presenting his work with the educational tool 5L4-VK0. In combination with the application, it is a tool that enhances the user’s development of a programming mindset. By using the application, the user visually programs his robot and masters three basic levels of programming: the linear code, flowchart, and event-driven programming. The idea behind this project is to make children familiar with computer technology in an easy-to-understand way, using emotions as a bridge between the child’s and computerized understanding of the world.