Ivona Pelajić

Ivona Pelajić graduated in art pedagogy and painting in 2010 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. After graduating, she worked as an art teacher in Zagreb and Šibenik. Since 2014, she has been living and working in Berlin. She is currently completing her postgraduate studies in Child Culture Design at the Faculty of Applied Design in Gothenburgu. Her main interests lie in the development of children's creativity through design, as well as participative design and the role of children's culture and the child in an urban setting.
Handlelt is a concept of adding fun elements to the interior of a tram, in order to „change the game“ of daily commuting. It is made of irregular spheres in many colors, textures and materials, added to the handles. Its goal is to improve the experience of all passengers: entertain the children during short trips; calm those who suffer from PTSD, agoraphobia, ADD, etc., as well as add an aesthetic, tactile and visual experience to the tram in order to improve the atmosphere, yet still follow all the safety standards.