e-mail: igor@game-chuck.com

Gamechuck is a game development studio from Zagreb, founded in January 2018. With their unique genre of games that is ‘interactive comics’, the studio has participated in many indie video game festivals in Europe and beyond. Besides a number of new titles, Gamechuck is also developing its own arcade cabinet inspired by devices from the 80s and 90s, which are also designed and created with the advantages of modern technology. Our team currently consists of a dozen of international members and associates. At this year’s Zagreb Design Week they will be presenting their arcade machine cabinet. Historically speaking, arcade cabinets provided gamers with experiences that weren’t available at home. At their peak, they provided graphic and sound effects that were years ahead of the home video game consoles. Today we are talking about a form of social gaming which, although intended for public spaces, is still much more intimate than playing with anonymous gamers from all over the world. Gamechuck arcades as well as Speed Limit, their debut video game, are both designed and made in Zagreb.