Dora Bilandžić and Andrea Šarić

Dora Bilandžić is a graphic designer who graduated from the School of Design in Zagreb. Her work focuses on architecture, culture and activism. Andrea Šarić works as a creative consultant for direction, development and realization of cultural projects. She completed her Master's degree in Cultural Management in Copenhagen. They both share a passion for global environmental protection. As part of this self-initiated project they collaborated with the photographer Marija Gašparović. At Zagreb Design Week they will be presenting a series of posters called ‘Crystal Clean' which is a means of reimagining the ways in which caring about the environment could be deeply embedded in humanity's mechanisms of consuming and creating as well as in the self-interest of individuals. They see the issue of sustainable behavior as one of the key topics that has not yet been fully explored by design. As creators, visionaries and game changers we have the ability and the responsibility to address one of the most complex issues of our time and to provide new methods to tackle, clarify and overcome climate change.