Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić

e-mail: izvorka@juric.biz

Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić is a studio that operates independently on various projects within the area of visual communications by bringing together a team of experts, depending on the needs of the project. Design Bureau carries the name of its Creative and Art Director, Izvorka Jurić, whose career goes back 20 years and includes numerous international awards and recognitions for successful projects in both Croatian and global markets. On this year's Zagreb Design Week the studio presents Brachia KIDS, Croatia's first olive oil intended for kids, and for their parents who understand the high nutritional value of olive oil and would like to include it in their children's diet. Fresh and alluring, the fruity taste of the ecologically grown olives offers flavors that are ideal for children. Moreover, the design of the package aims to attract and amuse children and tell them a story about this healthy product while it sets a course for positive changes in children's diet. The entertaining aspect of the package is manifested through the illustrations of olive characters communicating with each other by means of messages on the package. The small glass bottle is partly wrapped up in a box that has a shape of a pencil inside which six actual colored pencils can be found. When the box is unwrapped, a fun coloring book with various riddles for children can be found. While olive oil is food for the body, the riddles and coloring book are food for the brain. Together they make a complete product for child's healthy development.