Danijel Losić and Stephanie Newcomb

Danijel Losić and Stephanie Newcomb first started working together in Los Angeles, California in 2014. Their work focuses on the interaction of objects, spaces and people and at this year’s Zagreb Design Week they will be presenting their “Pet Light” lamp. The inspiration for the lamp stems from the idea that a small quantity of robust and adaptable lights can fill most living situations. The aluminum lamp lives within a system which is intended to minimize energy consumption and the excessive ownership of individual lights, each intended for a different purpose. A large diameter base ensures that the lamp can be moved around easily. “Pet Light” is presented in a context that encourages the use of both indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as in the context of the Croatian coast, where the climate and the lifestyle allow for the light to be used to its full potential. The texture of the wall brings as much sunlight into the space as possible, in order to minimize the use of artificial light during the day.