Boris Matešić

Born in Osijek with Dalmatian roots, Boris Matešić is an illustrator, a graphic artist, a product designer, a printer and above all a highly creative person. He is the founder of the IBL printing office and the Mit Design studio, he has managed different projects for local as well as international agencies and he is the creator of Lega-lega brand. At Zagreb Design Week he will be presenting his design for Süber wines. The visual identity of Süber wines is created with the aim of introducing innovation as well as altering the way we perceive the role of design in the wine industry. Considering the variety of Süber wines, their quality and the region they come from, as well as the close relationship between wine and food, the idea behind the design was to convey the story of origin and the role of wine and to present it through an interesting, informative, interactive and an innovative perspective. Illustrations of humanoid animals in motion are designed to highlight the flow of wine on the palate, either as barrique in the dry flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon, which is represented by a powerful deer, or as the citrusy flavor of Sauvignon Blanc, embodied in a wise fox. The protagonists were chosen due to their distinctive characteristics and their habitat and are linked to the flavors and the region of the Süber winery.