Anđela Brnas

Anđela Brnas is a third year undergraduate student of design at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. Her work is characterized by a holistic and an interdisciplinary approach focused on sustainability and inclusiveness. She has exhibited her works “CHIYO” and “Typo lottery” at the Exhibition of Croatian Design 1718. She was also one of the main organizers of DA! festival in 2017 as well as the fifth jubilee international DA! festival in 2019. At Zagreb Design Week she will be presenting her work CHIYO. CHIYO, the abbreviation for Change it yourself, is a magazine whose purpose is to encourage and educate individuals and society about sustainable living. It consists of three chapters, chiyo news, chiyo tips and chiyo view, which make for three separate booklets. CHIYO is also a platform which organizes workshops, lectures, events and similar activities that offer solutions for improving the quality of life, as well as creating a life that is in accordance with nature and the requirements of today's modern lifestyle.