Ana Pavičić

Ana Pavičić from Požega is currently finishing her master's degree in visual communications at the School of Design in Zagreb. She received a recognition by the School of Design for her theatre poster for KRADU (Theatre Review of the Academy of Dramatic Arts) and a special recognition from Croatian Designers Association at Croatian Design Exhibition 1718 for her work 'Interpretation of Music.' At Zagreb Design Week she will be presenting her system called Dante, which unifies all the boring activities that students encounter in the course of their education. The system facilitates the communication between students and institutions and it enables a digital solving of various administrative tasks. It is a concept that unifies key information for everyday student tasks regarding administration, such as applying for residence, keeping track of scholarships and apprenticeships, exams, student contracts etc. Dante enables students to always be up to date with their obligations and to be informed about their rights and possibilities. The main reason behind this project lies in the creators own negative experience when dealing with extensive amounts of unorganized information. Nonstandard visualization, categorization and personalisation of information can be of great help when dealing with a highly stimulating environment and, in this case, off-putting subject matter that we are forced to deal with or which gives us access to our rights.