e-mail: 2dizajnera@gmail.com

2Dizajnera is a design team consisting of Otto Kušec and Miran Bašić, both of whom have an MA in visual communications. Otto is preoccupied trying to prevent oil leaks in his Twingo, while Miran is worried about leaks under his washing machine. Aside from that, they pursue brand identity design, poster design, animation, and branding. At this year’s Zagreb Design Week, they will present posters for “Ganz New Festival” and “Kindergarten Celebration Days.” Ganz New Festival 2018 says Farewell! It says Farewell to Zagreb, Farewell to the ignorant government, Farewell to the systematic oppression of the Culture of Change, Farewell to the attempts to indoctrinate the youth culture, Farewell to the politicians who continually push the boundaries of our tolerance for their reckless and ignorant maneuvers. The last Ganz New Festival has no other choice but to cross the Croatian borders and find a new home in parts of Europe which DON’T ignore their potential.